Skin Needling

Skin needling (aka collagen induction therapy) is a natural way to induce collagen and elastin production for all skin types. A mico-needling pen is used with ultra fine needles to create micro wounds in the skin, encouraging cell renewal and repair for skin damage caused by scarring, pigment or ageing skin. This device offers more control in those hard to reach areas like under the eye, nose and around the lips. Multiple treatments over a period will help to strengthen the epidermis leaving you with improved skin texture and tone.

As the needles on the cosmetic micro-needling device can be adjusted to reach varied depths, skin needling is safe and an effective treatment for all parts of the body. Our treatments can be tailored to suit your individual needs and skin goals.

A topical anaesthetic is applied 30mins pre-procedure for a more comfortable experience. Post treatment, you can expect some redness and your skin may feel slightly tight or sensitive. This will typically subside within 24 hours.

After approximately 3-5 days post treatment, you may experience some mild shedding of the skin. This is a completely normal response which may last anywhere between 2-3 days. Most people see an immediate result 7 days post treatment, however optimal results are achieved up to 3 months post treatment.

PRP (the vampire facial) can be added on to this treatment for additional benefits. Tiny micro needles, create pathways into skin for the delivery of the prp. The minor injury and bleeding trigger a wound-healing response in the skin, which in turn creates new collagen and elastin and the PRP, containing all your excellent growth factors is infused directly to the dermal layer and immediately gets to work.